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Doctors Registration

Led by research, data, and experience of Africa’s highest prescribing Doctors and Specialist Practitioner today.

Releaf Cannabis Clinics – Doctors Registration

We are transforming medicine by leading the way towards better science, better patient care, and better medical cannabis.

Understand the history and biochemistry of Medicinal Cannabis

Be able to have working knowledge and understanding of how the ECS works in the human body.

Advanced knowledge on different cannabinoids

Become familiar with different cannabinoids and the relationship they play together.

Learn about interactions with other medicines

Be able to recognise and prescribe the correct products for an individual patients Medical Cannabis treatment plan.

Choose the correct Cannabinoid treatment plan with products and dosages for different conditions

Become familiar with product forms, concentrations and administration in order to prescribe the best products for your patients.

Become efficient with the Cannabinoid prescription process

Gain proficiency in how to submit different applications and approvals from the government.

Learn from real life case studies

Have the confidence to prescribe to your patients based on proven data and real-world examples.


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